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Ailanthus Sampler

Category: Mushroom Grow Kits


Ailanthus altisimma, the Tree-of-heaven, was brought to North America from China via England in 1794. Considered a beautiful tree, it was planted widely in cities on the East Coast, and due to its abundant seed production and ability to sprout from cut stumps, roots, and logs, it has spread widely. Many trees are found along roadways and field edges and disturbed sites in urban areas. The Virginia Department of Conservation and Recreation's Invasive Plant Species lists Tree-of-heaven as exhibiting a high risk of invasiveness based on its threat to natural communities and native species in the mountain, piedmont, and coastal regions of the state. The Virginia Department of Forestry has explored developing markets for this woody invasive plant using the milled lumber for furniture production, and the wood for small-batch charcoal production. Our friends at Sharondale Mushroom Farm have identified and developed over 20 species of mushrooms for food and medicine that grow on Ailanthus logs. We offer you five edible mushroom species easy to cultivate on Ailanthus: • Pearl Oyster - Pleurotus ostreatus - This native strain from central Virginia fruits clusters of delicious caps in cooler weather about 6 months after log inoculation. • Phoenix Oyster - Pleurotus pulmonarius - This warm-weather fruiting mushroom forms large individual caps - yummy! • Yellow Oyster - Pleurotus citrinopileatus - Beautiful yellow clusters emerge in the summer. A feast for the eyes and the belly. • Lion's Mane - Hericium erinaceus - This native mushroom fruits about one year after log inoculation forming spiny furry fruits that are excellent fare, and are known for enhancing the body's nerve-growthfactors. • Tiger's Eye - Lentinus tigrinus - This prolific fruiter is seen in late summer. What's included: 15-20 freshly cut Ailanthus logs; drill bit specific to mushroom growing for creating holes for the spawn; 100 spawn plugs of each species; tub of mushroom spawn sealing wax; 20 aluminum write-on labels; instructions for spawn use. Everything you need to successfully grow these mushrooms is included!

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