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At Truetimber we respect the trees we prune and remove by making sure all the byproduct goes to useful purposes. In short, we aim for zero waste. A big part of that is our wood chip delivery service. Why woodchips? Moisture retention, weed control, enhanced soil biology, and root protection are just some of the benefits. Here's what to expect when you order wood chips from Truetimber. You can order either a small or large truck load of wood chips, from roughly 10-20 cubic yards. These are rough estimates, but, hey, it's free! A typical load contains a variety of tree parts, including green, leafy material or pine needles. A small percentage of the load may be unchipped brush, small sticks, or a few scoops of dirt. Accidents happen, and arborist trucks are heavy. If your driveway surface isn't thick enough, it could crack from the weight of a large truck. Please help us protect your property by directing the drop to a place you trust can handle our heavy trucks. The last thing we want to do is damage your property! Delivery time varies depending on your location and where Truetimber happens to be working. Our goal is to have your wood chips to you within about three weeks. Time to delivery could be longer if you live in a remote area.

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